Cornell Rouge | We know that feeling of the police pulling up behind
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We know that feeling of the police pulling up behind

One last note, it is important that we insist that all drills are done correctly. It is critical that we teach the proper techniques to form a solid foundation. As a result, when players lose control of the ball during the drill they must regain possession of the ball and begin at the point they lost the ball and continue the drill.

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Being an African American in this country, experiencing what it is like to be black in this nation I think certainly gives you a perspective, and different vantage point than other people. We know what it’s like to be stopped and harassed. We know that feeling of the police pulling up behind you with those flashing lights, and being concerned about how this encounter might end.

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Do stretching exercises first thing in the morning, even for a few minutes. Perform stretches before doing exercises or other daily tasks. You can do static stretches holding a body part in place for several seconds or dynamic stretching, doing stretches while moving.

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