Cornell Rouge | Thickening the plot is the fact that Pollock
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Thickening the plot is the fact that Pollock

EUGENE, Ore. It’s been an understandably tough spring for athletes looking to get a chance to play at the next level. But for juniors, particularly football players that use this spring and summer to raise their stock, it’s got an added layer of difficulty.

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It’s hard to sugar coat the US economy right now. A huge proportion of the workforce is out of work and looking for a way to earn money. This may be a regular job working for someone else or a home based business. Pollock confirmed this morning in a phone call with the Pulp that he works for the Dolphins, conducting security for games and performing other duties. Thickening the plot is the fact that Pollock, according to an internal BSO publication, is the brother in law of BSO Maj. Keith Neely, who supervises jail operations.”I didn’t help anybody,” said Pollock, a veteran deputy who is popular among judges and once served as a personal assistant to former Sheriff Nick Navarro.

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