Cornell Rouge | These creators can analyze a picture and make the
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These creators can analyze a picture and make the

The Academy re cycling initiative got off to a good start on Saturday with boots, hurleys and gear all coming in to clad the next generation. It a handy way to take the sting out of the expenses that we all have to bear at this time of year. The Cuala Recycling Centre otherwise known as Ionad Athchrsla Cuala will be at IADT 10.15 10.45 am every Saturday over the coming weeks..

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I used to use Captcha based comment spam plugins with a reasonable amount of success, but I was still getting a lot of garbage. Frustrated, I started digging around for a better solution and came across a plugin called Growmap Anti Spambot. I’m not affiliated in any way with the creator of Growmap, but I will heartily endorse it.

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