Cornell Rouge | The project has required the pouring of 80
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The project has required the pouring of 80

1. What is the best game on opening weekend?Sept. 5 will be fun. 15, according to the contract. State officials said the projectis on time.The New York State Fair begins Wednesday.Concertgoers and fairgoers might notice that portions of the northern orange lot have been visibly re striped, evident by lines of black paint over the old stripes.The project has required the pouring of 80,000 tons ofasphalt and the construction of a new on ramp to ease congestion. The project beganlater than anticipated this summer due to a long winter, and crews had to accommodate a busy concert season at the amphitheater.The project is aimed at improving the access to and from the fairgrounds and the Lakeview Amphitheater by preventing congestion that would build up on Interstate 690 during busy fair days and long wait times.The paving, the EZ pass booths and a new westbound I 690 on ramp will make travel to and from the fairgrounds much quicker and easier, officials said..

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