Cornell Rouge | Take a dive into blue sea and discover the caves
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Take a dive into blue sea and discover the caves

It is a Red River creating a rivalry that sends chills up spines. It is a game against rival Texas A and their own tradition in “the 12th Man” (where a student is selected as a walk on to play on the football team each year). And it is “Hook ’em!” as you walk through Austin.

They hold friendly, competitive matches on most weekends, often culminating in a lunchtime barbecue and cookout complete with cold brews (no drinking on the range, though). And as far as heritage goes, the club has plenty. Smith Park is named). There were losses, long skeins of them. That’s when she showed her patience most. She lost 20 of 23 matches to Navratilova in one stretch.

This is another perfect activity to invest your time and money especially if you are crazy about water sports. The area around Lagos is blessed with clean clear blue waters which are ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving. Take a dive into blue sea and discover the caves, wrecks and of course the marine life..

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