Cornell Rouge | Social media is the best communication channel to
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Social media is the best communication channel to

On the con side, raw nuts may have higher amounts of compounds that block the body from absorbing nutrients such as calcium and iron. More concerning is that raw nuts have caused outbreaks of food poisoning due to salmonella bacteria, and peanuts can harbor fungi that produce disease causing compounds called aflatoxins. Roasting reduces levels of aflatoxins..

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This inspired me and that night I dusted off my wok and made a stir fry using the peppers and tomatoes, wow, better than any readymade meal I could have bought. This was just the wakeup call I needed. I discovered that healthy food did not mean boring food, it was delicious fresh flavours that I had simply forgotten about..

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3. Eat healthy and Drink enough water: Eat food that is healthy for the skin. Eating healthy food is not only good for your healthy skin but for the overall functioning of your body. In 1995, the league returned with new franchises. Gone were the American teams and just six European teams made up the league. The original WLAF teams, the Barcelona Dragons, the London Monarchs and the Frankfurt Galaxy came back and the league added three more teams.

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