Cornell Rouge | “Hinds added, “[Cops] eventually pulled me out of the
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“Hinds added, “[Cops] eventually pulled me out of the

The SPHERE planet hunting instrument on the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope captured this image of a white dwarf feeding on its companion star, a type of Red Giant called a Mira variable. Most stars exist in binary systems, and they spend an eternity serenely orbiting their common center of gravity. But something almost sinister is going on between these two..

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The Addison Street project, at 1935 Addison (between Milvia and Martin Luther King Jr. Way), took the place of two garages on adjacent parcels. Ten studio apartments, five one bedroom units, 53 two bedroom units and one three bedroom unit were planned, with 10% of the units, a total of seven, affordable to very low income households.

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A big budget super hero blockbuster with barely a white face to be seen does undeniably give Panther a bit of a thrilling vibe, even though it not quite as revolutionary in 2018 as it might have been in 1998. Had basically three black people in it and even that was pushing it for Hollywood back then. And it is truly refreshing to see a motion picture like this that isn about America or Americans.

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