Cornell Rouge | And by going harder with that added weight
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And by going harder with that added weight

Supervisor Lupinacci; members of the Supervisor staff; Dom Spada, Deputy Director, Maritime Services; Fred Uvena, Senior Harbormaster; and Steve Kiewra, Building Permits Coordinator, met with several Centerport area residents regarding their concerns about renovations at the construction site on Mill Pond in Centerport. Residents meeting with Supervisor Lupinacci and his team on Friday included Rob Schwartz, administrator for the Bald Eagles of Centerport, NY group on Facebook; Jill Weigold; Tom Knight, Co President of the Centerport Harbor Civic Association (CHCA); and Debra Amoruso, Secretary of the CHCA. Among the issues discussed were concerns about the construction site and how it may be affecting water quality in Mill Pond and possible effects on the bald eagles that have taken residence near the pond..

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