Cornell Rouge | Sullivan presides over the case of President Trump
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Sullivan presides over the case of President Trump

“For instance, a Chase Daniel who has a West Coast background he’s been in that system for a while so the vernacular from ‘Bev’s’ (Lions offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell) to the stuff that he knows, that transition is going to be quicker,” Patricia said. “He’s going to be able to pick the information up faster. So when we’re in that situation, we’re looking for some depth at the quarterback position, a guy that we’re familiar with, a guy that we think helps us and fits our needs.

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(More times than we care to remember) Bridging cultural barriers and promoting peace love and harmony is, obviously, a noble thing to do. Obviously. But you know what, sometimes you just need to leave all that stuff to one side and let the music do the talking.

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Op Ed: A lone judge might do what Congress could not: Hold President Trump accountableThe Trump administration which has made a signature achievement of eluding accountability for all manner of lawless and corrupt conduct cheap nfl jerseys is headed for a high stakes showdown with a federal judge who has some very powerful cards to play. District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan presides over the case of President Trump fired national security advisor Michael Flynn.

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