Cornell Rouge | My educated guess, in early May, knowing Mike
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My educated guess, in early May, knowing Mike

You are growing a baby, just by doing that you are creating a miracle. Enjoy it and enjoy yourself. And also let others spoil you as much as they want.. “They’re the ones who statistically, really, are at risk for being around crowds and all that stuff. So it makes sense,” Hutchinson said. “The other thing, too, is it’s a whole another year, and some of these guys are at the age where they’re old anyway, and families and spouses and siblings and that, they’re all older.

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Bugging in is exactly the opposite of bugging out in that you begin to fortify and utilize your home as your shelter. You will then drain all of the resources from your home and use it to survive. Many believe that their homes will shelter many friends, family members or other loved ones when SHTF.

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